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Site: ILM2 CHANGE SITES:       
Be aware that a 2nd buoy is now
located at this site.
Latitude: 34 8.51
Longitude: 77 43.12
Depth(approx): 18 M / 59.04 Ft

  Buoy Configuration

Wave Data Last update: 2016-05-31 07:09 EDT
Surface Temperature76.3 °F
Significant Wave Height3.3 ft
Dominant Wave Period8.3 sec
Wave Direction FromSE(127 °)
Last update: 2016-05-31 06:08 EDT
Wind Speed6.2 kts
Wind Direction - FromESE (114 deg)
Wind Gust10.3 kts
Air Temperature76.1 F
Air Pressure1012 mb
Relative Humidity88 %
Surface Salinity34.64 ppt
Surface Temperature76.3 F
Latitude: 34 08.500
Longitude: 77 42.530
Depth: 17 M / 57 Ft
Buoy Configuration
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